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Electron Beams, Lenses and Optics: Volume 2 [El-Kareh A. B.; J. C. J. El-Kareh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
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Electron optics

Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Field computation techniques in electron optics Abstract: The authors describe the software for the computer-aided design of electron and ion optical systems, with special emphasis on field computation in devices with diverse physical structures.

These include electron guns, magnetic and electrostatic lenses and deflectors for electron-beam lithography and inspection systems, wide-angle lenses and deflectors for cathode-ray tubes, components with constructional errors, multiple lenses, and structures with fully three-dimensional field distributions. The computed fields are accurate enough for reliable evaluation of the optical properties, including the aberrations. Article :.

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Date of Publication: March This volume is comprised of articles from specialists who attempt to find Focusing of Charged Particles, Volume I deals with the various aspects of problems in corpuscular Electron Optics, Second English Edition, Part I: Optics is a chapter book that begins by elucidating the fundamental features and basic techniques of electron optics, as well as the distribution of potential and field in electrostatic lenses. This book then explains the field distribution in magnetic lenses; the optical properties of Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. Physics Optics.

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