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Several substituted oligophenylenevinylenes were synthesized using the Wittig− Horner−Emmons reaction to produce the trans isomers. Optical properties of.
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It has also been found that the newly synthesized OPVs can exhibit various useful functional properties such as light-emitting properties, photovoltaic effects, third-order nonlinear optical responses, and chemical sensing properties depending on the nature of the end-substituents.

In this contribution, the structural factor s that can enhance a specific functional property of a molecule or material will be discussed. Export Citation. Here you can find all Crossref-listed publications in which this article is cited. User Account Log in Register Help.

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Volume 69 Issue 12 Dec , pp. Volume 68 Issue 12 Dec , pp. Volume 67 Issue 12 Dec , pp. Volume 66 Issue 12 Dec , pp. Volume 65 Issue 12 Dec , pp. Roth, Chem. The control over the formation of mesophases on a nanoscale is achieved by nanosegregation of various building blocks and also by the attachment of incompatible flexible chains alkyl, oligoethyleneoxy, semiperfluorinated chains. The change of the number and especially the nature of chains require a completely new optimisation of all isolation procedures, which is often challenging.

The solid-state assisted synthesis introduces the chain-building blocks in the final step and purification has to be done only once after the cleavage from the resin. It is therefore often superior over the conventional liquid phase synthesis, especially when building blocks, such as oligoethyleneoxy chains, have to be introduced. Lehmann, K. Suche Ansprechpartner. DE English Intern. Animation stoppen.

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OK Abbrechen. Impressum Datenschutz. On the other hand, polymers always show structural inhomogeneities and imperfection regardless the method used to prepare them, which would hinder the structure-functional property investigations. Toward the goal of "functional property by design", there is an increasing interest in investigating structure-functional property rela-. Classification supporting. Paper Sections Intro. Other sections. Paper Type Research article. About us scite combines deep learning with a network of experts to evaluate the veracity of scientific work.